Purchase your tickets for our

Farm Tour Dinner - an afternoon of beauty, culinary exploration, and learning. 

We are currently hosting one dinner a month. 

Our upcoming dates are September 26th.

This entertaining and enlightening event includes four farm stops with snacks and a tour from the farmers and producers, a professional photograph of yourselves at one of the farms (available digitally), and finishes with a multi-course dinner on our site in Northport with live music.


The adventure begins at 2pm at the first farm and will finish around 8pm at our site in Northport.  Due to COVID19 we are limiting ticket sales to 25 attendees per event, and will not have transportation included (in the future post-COVID concerned world, we will offer bus transport to those interested).  Tickets are $125 per person.

Check back soon to purchase tickets - and see what farms we will be visiting each date.


Permanent Location

in Development:

115 S Waukazoo St.

Northport, MI 49670


Our Lot

Mondays, 12-7pm

Tuesdays, 12-7pm

Farm Tour Dinners

Traveling the County

Subject to change due to COVID19 guidelines

Join us in 2021 for our Touring Dinners

We're working to open soon at our permanent site for Breakfast,

Lunch and Dinner




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