Join us on Mondays for our Science Day

and Wednesdays for our Art Day


Every week we will have special science and art kits available for purchase as well as a Staff Guide to assist you (Monday and Wednesday from 10-7pm), if desired, in completing the activity. 

There is a selection of activities available for children and adults, young to old. 

The activities change weekly, as they coordinate with the movie of the week.

Activity kits will include all materials necessary to complete the activities and have experiments and artwork to take home, along with your memories.  Cost varies week to week depending on the activity selected, costs for each weeks activity is listed both in our calendar below, and on our menu, under the "Activities" section.

Check out our calendar below for our whole 2021 schedule.


Permanent Location

in Development:

115 S Waukazoo St.

Northport, MI 49670


Our Lot

Mondays, 12-7pm

Tuesdays, 12-7pm

Fridays, 5-8pm

Saturdays, 5-8pm

Farm Tour Dinners

Traveling the County

Subject to change due to COVID19 guidelines

Join us in 2021 for our Touring Dinners

We're working to open soon at our permanent site for Breakfast,

Lunch and Dinner




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