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We love our Village, and want to share it with you!

When you visit and make a purchase, pick up one of our weekly scavenger hunts. 

Tool around town on the hunt, and post your finds to Facebook or Instagram with our hashtag.  Bring your completed hunt back in and receive a free treat!


Community Scavenger Hunt

Living Mural Fence

Be a part of our public art installation - a living mural on our fence. 

Purchase this experience ($30 per person (ages 6 and up) and Free for those 5 and under, and we'll provide plastic aprons and a six pack of spray paints to use on-site.  Add to our living mural with your own inspirations, creating from scratch or using our available tape and templates.  Return the paints when you're done and snap a photo.  This activity is available everyday, but we recommend on dry days that are above freezing temperatures.


Be sure to stop back by in the future to see if your artwork has evolved or if it has disappeared entirely!

Proud Community Fridge Door

Bring in your school successes to hang on our community fridge door

We're proud of our community and the successes of our children.  Bring in their best homework, art, tests, essays, whatever their hard work and dedication they have shown.  We'll hang it on the fridge, take a quick Polaroid for the wall, and get them a complimentary celebratory treat.

Outdoor Games

Giant Jenga, Lawn Darts,

Sandbox, and Hoop & Hook

Enjoy time together outside playing our variety of outdoor games.

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