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Q: When will you be open?

Right now we are working on the construction of our site.  While that is occurring we are open for pickup orders and outdoor or tent seating on our site, on Monday and Wednesday from 12-8pm, Tuesday 12-10pm, Thursday-Friday 5-8pm (with a tent at Music in the Park from 5-9pm) and Saturday 4-10pm.  We are working to increase our house as soon as possible.


Check back for updates on our Grand Opening dates and 2022 Event Schedule!

Q: What do you serve?

Our menu has a few staples and a constant stream of seasonal specials.  Our style is inventive comfort food.  We feature themed dishes to go along with our movie of the week.  Check out our menu for what we have available today!

Q: When will you start your on-site activites?

Our on-site science, art days and free movie nights are available now!  Check out the schedule here.

We have giant Jenga, ring toss, and lawn darts to play while you visit.  Our Living Mural Fence is launching in late July 2022. 

We are working on adding more of our daily activities soon!

Q: What time does your movie start?

Our movie screen is outside, and sits directly in the path of the setting sun.  We therefore do not start the movie until the sun sets.  We typically start the movie about 5 minutes before sunset, which means the movie start shifts slightly from week to week. 

Check out the schedule here.

Q: Where do you show the movie?

Our movie screen is in the back of our site, in the grassy portion.  You are welcome to bring your own blankets and chairs, or can use our folding chairs on-site. Check out the schedule here.

Q: Will you cater private events?

Yes!  Contact us for more details and scheduling questions, we are happy to work with you to design a special menu perfect for your  event.  We currently can not bring our trailer to your events, but are happy to bring prepared dishes and serve on site from a
"buffet" table.  We can also host your event in our on-site tent.  We are working to add a catering trailer to our lineup soon for traveling to events.
We do require a $500 minimum for delivered catered meals.

Q: What catering menus do you have available?

We are happy to craft a menu for you that has variety that will cover all your different food preferences (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, food favorites, etc). Contact us to discuss all the options available!