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Pecan Chicken & South African Food - CSR Menu this Week

Check out our CSR (Community Supported Restaurant) Menus for the week. These prix fixe menus change every week, giving you (and us) a chance to explore the world through mouth-watering cuisine. Bringing fun and excitement to Northport through this winter season. Helping us through these winter months and bringing you exclusive menus that are only possible during this slower season.

Memberships start as low as $100 for a monthly Friday subscription and $120 for a monthly Saturday subscription. That's only $25 a meal for Fridays and $30 a meal for Saturdays! And if you've got more mouths to feed, the pricing gets better and better, the more servings you order. Check out the details in our Shop today, and don't hesitate to message us with questions, we're here to help!

This week's comfort dinner - Oven-roasted Pecan Chicken - is a dish Chef Laura has been making since she was about 10 years old for her dearest G'pa. Skinless boneless chicken breasts dredged through a creamy dill sauce and breaded in crushed pecans, and oven-roasted to perfection. Served with additional sauce for dipping, this is sure to become a family favorite for your household too!

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